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How Much Is Affordable Insurance?

How Much Is Affordable Insurance?

How Much Is Affordable Insurance?

It is very important to keep a few factors in mind before looking for affordable insurance. The most important thing to have in mind is that there is no true definition of affordable insurance coverage. Each individual has an independent definition of affordable premium and insurance coverage. Therefore, what is affordable for your neighbor or best friend may not be enough for you.

Once this point is understood, it is time to look for low insurance prices. Conventional experts recommend that you contact an insurance manager or insurance agent to gather information. However, it is the most inefficient method of collecting insurance information. You can spend weeks or even months looking for the right offer without making any progress.

You should use the internet to get the best insurance information. Detailed information on the costs of various insurance policies offered by different insurances for different people can be found in a few minutes. All the information you need is provided in the form of an insurance offer. If you have an income of less than one hundred thousand dollars a year and a new car is insured, you can get all the insurance details for the same vehicle on the World Wide Web and get them in minutes.

They will do business on the World Wide Web, which is generally considered the cheapest way to do business. This means that you can legitimately request tariffs. Since dealing with you over the Internet helps the insurer cut costs, you can negotiate and claim low prices. There is a good chance that you will get insurance at a very low price compared to those who have ignored insurance offers.

By comparing multiple quotes, you can easily find out which strategy is the cheapest and which one is the best strategy for your needs. You can make this decision without committing yourself to an insurance service provider.

It is important to compare the insurance offers before taking out an insurance policy. If you compare the insurance offers, you save time and money because you are guaranteed to receive the lowest insurance price.

Given the current recession, it is important to prioritize your money and compare insurance rates online. An online website that lets you compare free insurance offers online is a good choice.

How Much Is Affordable Insurance?
How Much Is Affordable Insurance?

What is Affordable?

For most people, the only downside to an affordable insurance payment is effective insurance. If you can pay for your cover, this does not make sense if you are underinsured. All you really do is bring them into line with local laws. When an accident happens, you want more than that, you want to know that you are truly protected. A really affordable insurance is the insurance that can offer you the price you can afford. Note that there is always an insurance plan that would definitely be available for you to afford.

Tips for affordable insurance rates that won’t leave you with poor quality coverage

  • You pay less if you have motion-sensitive lighting at home. Your house becomes a forbidden area for thieves because they are easy to identify. Your rate will be reduced because such lighting would reduce the risk of a break-in in your home.
  • A healthy routine leads to cheaper life insurance rates. For example, if you avoid junk food, your life insurance rate will decrease over time. By eliminating fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates, it’s easier for you to maintain your ideal weight, live a healthier life, and get more affordable life insurance rates. You also help your health and life insurance by doing sports daily.
  • If you want to save in health insurance, you will receive a flexible expense account. You can keep dollars tax free to meet your health needs. Any unused amount can be carried forward to next year (still tax-free). When you open a flexible spending account, you can build up a substantial pool of funds for your health that is tax-free.
  • Choose a vehicle with daytime running lights, antilock brakes, alarm system and other safety devices. Vehicles with such characteristics have a high safety rating. This means that such a car will be cheaper to ensure that all things are the same.
  • A simple but worthwhile way to lower your premium is electronic fund transfer (EFT). This allows an insurer to automatically withdraw your payments from your account when due. This reduces the overhead costs of an insurer, as no payment advice or checks are required. That’s why it attracts discounts.
  • It pays to continue with the same insurer. You get 5% off your insurance if you stay with the same insurance company for 3 years. The longer you stay with the same insurer, the more you will receive a discount. But sometimes it is better to go to another insurance company. However, if you regularly make insurance purchases, you will most likely have an insurance company in the next few years that offers you comparable insurance coverage at a lower price. In this regard, it will be pointless to continue, as you would like to receive a loyalty discount later, if you are currently getting cheaper rates. Moreover, in almost all cases, most people can actually pay lower rates than those currently covered by insurance when making their purchases properly. You can only be sure that this is the case if you have obtained and compared offers from a large number of insurance companies and then found out where your interests are best served.
Quit Smoking and Save On Insurance

Quit Smoking and Save On Insurance

Insurance companies are now raising rates for people who smoke and cutting cost for those of you who don’t.

Some of you have probably seen the new questionnaire that you have to fill out when you go to your doctor.

They are wanting to know if you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or exercise and how frequently you do these.

This is because if you do you’re at a higher risk and a liability for the insurance company so you may have to pay more to keep up these unhealthy habits.

You may have noticed many companies gathering with their employees to try to quit smoking and lose weight.

Many companies are offering prizes company-wide for the employees who lose the most weight.

This is a very healthy practice that these companies have adopted to help you lose weight and lower their insurance cost at the same time.

Just as people form unhealthy habits in their daily life they can form healthy ones as well with the change of diet, smoking, drinking sodas and other Habits like these.

While smokers and drinkers may have to pay a higher rate for insurance it makes it a little bit harder to get pre-approved.

Although it is unlawful for a company to drop a drinker or smoker the insurance and liability will be a lot higher.

Quit Smoking Save Insurance

The new forms have been issued and you must fill them out before each doctor visit; again they want to know how much tobacco or alcohol you consumed per week and that determines the rate of insurance in which you pay.

So the big Health kick in most companies it’s so that they can pay a lower insurance rate because the employee is less of a liability for them if they are healthy and in shape.

If they are healthy and in shape than they are less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or in some cases show up to work intoxicated.

Some of these weight loss contest have been held company-wide throughout each branch.

Each company branch would host their own weight loss competition over a period of six months to a year.

At the end of this time they calculate the weight loss ratio from each company satellite in the company that lost the most weight per employee ratio would usually get extra vacation or some type of bonus on their next check.

Some companies have also implemented the standing desk.

These are desk at which you work from your office while standing; other companies implemented the use of treadmills while at their desk.

To be honest, the idea of walking and trying to concentrate on your works seem like it would be very hard to multitask.

Yet, this is one way that companies have been able to cut cost on insurance and help their employees achieve weight loss.

Quit Smoking Save Insurance

Society has really changed its views on smoking within the last 30 years.

Smoking in Hollywood was seen as something to make you look cool, even doctors had specific brands of cigarettes that they would recommend to people.

Now that the science has come out, we see the adverse effect smoking causes to one’s health and most people see smoking as something appalling and offensive.

Its seen as a negative habit that will ultimately deteriorate your health and lead you to an early grave.

In conclusion, by quitting smoking and maintaining a healthier life you will save on insurance and save your life.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved, Know here how to get it

Affordable Insurance Preapproved, Know here how to get it

Affordable Insurance Preapproved, Know here how to get it

A common belief by many people is that as a doctor recommends a procedure or a test, the insurance company covers it automatically. Actually, this is not true. All the medical procedures are expected to meet the vague criterion of the insurance cover as medical necessity. There is no doubt that it is necessary to follow a medical procedure. Definitely to cure a broken arm, there is a need for setting, x-rays, and cast.

But there are a few gray areas:

In a blepharoplasty, it refers to an eyelid repair to be done by a plastic surgeon and this may be necessary medically for some people, while for some it may be relating to be purely cosmetic. This includes standard procedures or experimental procedures for diagnoses. This is where the medical necessity level rises to questioning.

Considering the gray area in medical care, when recommended or prescribed by the doctor it results in a bill and this may be denied by your insurance company. However, here the doctor is not responsible for your insurance cover getting covered for the bill.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved, Know here how to get it
Affordable Insurance Preapproved, Know here how to get it

A thumb rule is you may avert such scenarios, by getting it preapproved. Here are a few pre-authorizing medical procedures that may help you in timely scenarios:

  • First call your insurer:  Make it a point to explain the procedure and diagnoses you are getting done and confirm if it is covered or ask if a pre-approval may be the best.
  • Writing requesting approval: You can ask for or even request for preapproval or authorization from your insurance company. Writing a letter stating in detail your condition and explaining why you need preapproval for the procedure coverage ensures your details are included in the policy.
  • Seek help from your doctor: Seek assistance from your doctor by writing a letter detailing the medical procedure or the necessity. Most doctors are aware of this process of getting authorization and may be willing to offer you this help. The letter given by the doctor may be send to your insurer directly or it may be handed over to you to carry over the preapproval procedure.
  • Incorporate from your medical file helpful information: Include the lab test results, x-rays, and other personal medical history so that the coverage fulfills the authorization request.

Getting a response from the insurer may take a couple of weeks. In case it is denied, you may appeal on medical necessary grounds. Your appeal will be considered as per the insurance coverage parameters by doctor’s panel of the insurance company.

All the best!

An insight on Affordable Insurance Preapproved

An insight on Affordable Insurance Preapproved

An insight on Affordable Insurance Preapproved

Are you experiencing a requirement of preapproval or pre-authorization? It is also referred to as pre-authorization. There is a need to get permission prior to receiving health care drug or service if there is a need for pre-approval.

Pre-approval is a prerequisite that is obtained from your health care provider by your physician as an approval, prior to providing care. This is very important as without this approval, your insurance provider may not provide the required coverage or even the operation or medication costs, leaving you to fend for all or at the most may cover some, or you may have to shell it out of your pocket.

Some health insurers demand pre-approval, also referred to as pre-certification. This may be required for certain healthcare services such as hospital visits or surgery. It also means you must contact the insurer seeking approval before receiving care or the insurer may not cover the expenses. However, no all the services demand pre-approval, in case you doubt, the best is to contact in advance the insurance company regarding obtaining pre-approval for the health care types.

An insight on Affordable Insurance Preapproved
An insight on Affordable Insurance Preapproved

The pre-approval concept is identical to prior authorization. There are reasons that a health insurance provider may demand pre-approval. 

  • The drug or service requested by you is medically essential.
  • The drug or service follows recommendations up-to-date for medical problems.
  • This drug is alone the most affordable option of treatment for your health condition. For instance if two drugs are available, where one is expensive and the other is cheap, the doctor prescribes the expensive one, while both are suitable to treat your health condition, the health plan provider will ask for explanation why the cheap drug will not be suitable for you. Here you must be capable of answering why the expensive drug is better to the cheaper drug option, if so it will be considered as pre-authorized. But, if you do not have a medical explanation for the expensive drug to be chosen over its cheaper counterpart, your health plan will deny authorizing the expensive drug.
  • The service should not be duplicated.  For instance, you may have taken a chest CT scan two weeks ago and now a lung doctor may ask you to get a CT scan. In such cases, the second scan will not be pre-approved by the insurer until it is not sure that the earlier scan is also been seen by the lung doctor two weeks ago and he believes it is essential to have an additional scan.
Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance

Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance

Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance

Health care services can be expensive and that is why we have insurance that covers some services that are offered in healthcare. However, there are some services that would need to get a pre-approved insurance before moving ahead to provide the health care service to the patient.  Most health care providers would ask you some pre-approval before giving you some services that might entail a large amount of financial support. 

You can get a pre-approval from your insurance provider. However, you also would have to discuss with your provider, what they are able to cover based on your creditworthiness.  The amount they would be able to put up in the preapproval would be determined by some factors. Also for the pre-approval to be raised a few fact checks would also be made.

In clear terms, what does it mean to have pre-approval?

A pre-approved insurance is like a loan that is gotten when you ask a financial institution for a loan needed for a particular service. It could be to purchase a house, car, and health service purchase and other kinds of assets or general service.  A pre-approval certificate is given, which can be issued to a service provider on request for that service. The service, however, would have to be at par with the amount on the certificate.

Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance
Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance

One of the major areas where pre-approval are very important and can come in handy is in health care. There are some health care insurance packages that can ensure you get affordable insurance pre-approved.  However, to ensure that they can cover you, here are a few things that they would check through.

  • The medical service that you want them to cover

To get an affordable insurance pre-approved, you insurers might be looking at the kind of medical service that you want to be covered. How much does it cost?  Having knowledge of the kind of medical service helps to identify how much it would really cost, the alternatives that exist for this medical service and if there are other medical service providers that are doing something like this for you.

After getting the cost of the service, it would need to be checked if the cost can be covered by you.  If it can be covered by you; you could also require some institutions to provide you with what you can cover, so that you could decide to cover it by your own means.

  • Is the medical service at its best economical rate?

The insurance institution can offer you an affordable insurance pre-approved, they would need to ensure that the medical service offered is at its best rate. Is the plan or service been offered at the lowest rate possible?

Is there any other place that this service can be gotten or are there other drugs or medications that you take which can provide the same effect as the service you are asking for? If there are other drugs or procedure that can provide the same service at a lesser rate, then you would be advised to go for that other option, still been covered by your pre-approval.

  • Are there any overlapping health service

An insurance provider would also want to check if there are other medical services that are also offering you the same thing.  For instance, different doctors that might be of service to you might have requested for the same kind of procedure in which you are about to undertake. Resolving this issue so that you can spend less for just one procedure would be undertaken by the pre-approval provider. Just to be sure that no one is trying to take advantage of the service.

Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance
Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance
  • Are there any health care alternatives

Finally, they find out if there are alternative routes in which you can take to achieve the same medical goal without taking the service that is available to you right now. When this is done, then you can have access to an affordable insurance pre-approved. Depending on the institution, this fact checking would not take a long time.

Here are the benefits of a pre-approval

  • Enjoy medical service especially during an emergency

There are so many unforeseen circumstances that could come to anyone; it could be a ghastly fire accident to a tumor surgery. A better-prepared individual is the one that can get a pre-approval from insurance.

 During an emergency all the health care provider needs to do is to contact the health insurance provider to confirm a pre-approval for emergency treatment. Every health care provider would have t ascertain if you can get a pre-approval before they would give you that service.

  • Get standard medical care

Getting a pre-approval can ensure that you get standard medical care and attention when it is required. If the provision is not made for this, you might be made to resort to any kind of lifeline and this can cause harsh consequences.  

Most standard health care professionals would require a pre-approval for your health insurance before undertaking any health care service that goes over your basic health insurance.

Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance
Affordable Pre-approved Health Insurance

How to get an affordable insurance pre-approved

To get an affordable insurance pre-approved for health care, you can visit an insurance company that offers one or you can also talk with your insurance provider. This pre-approval is normally given based on your credit history. Whether or not you have a good credit history would affect your application. Only those with very good records are most likely to get one.  

The cost of the service that you want to purchase would also be another question? You might not be able to get the amount in which you seek for that service. However, it is only after a proper evaluation that your position would be ascertained.

Basically, the process of getting a pre-approval is very easy as long as you have and it takes.  Bearing from the fact that it comes in very handy in many situations, it is considered as a very wise investment and should be done on time if possible.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved

Affordable Insurance Preapproved

Affordable Insurance Preapproved
Affordable Insurance Preapproved

There are many options when it comes to finding affordable insurance for you and your family.

We’re going to look at health insurance, life insurance and automotive insurance in this article and each one of these are a necessity within themselves.

Each of these exist for you and your family to feel safe and secure to know that you are in good hands when selecting an affordable insurance company.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved
Affordable Insurance Preapproved

Health Insurance

Health insurance is offered at many jobs through your employer and many of them cover a grater amount then just filing for yourself.

An employer May cover up to 50% and 75% in some cases.

The reason your employer covers health insurance wages is because they are liable for you maintaining your health and the risk that it takes to do the life insurance job hence the reason why more dangerous job performances require a heavier insurance.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield have been some of the key players when it comes to finding the right Insurance Agency working with small businesses.

Although many small companies were not able to pay the high percentage rates for Blue Cross and Blue Shield so have opted into a smaller insurance companies such as Aetna.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved
Affordable Insurance Preapproved

Life insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important insurances when having your family feel safe and secure knowing that they’re going to be well taken care of.

The cost of a funeral and the expenses that go along with it are astronomical if you are to pay for it without life insurance.

This is the reason why most people have a peace of mind when it comes to finding affordable life insurance and getting pre-approved because it plays a huge role and your comfort and sanity.

Many policies cover the funeral expenses and beyond to make sure that the family are well taken care of after the loss of a loved one especially when that loved one was the sole breadwinner of the house.

In the world of affordable insurance life insurance is definitely one of the big three key players and for good reason.

Some job employers offer life insurance policies as well and many people select their employment depending on what insurance the company offers.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved
Affordable Insurance Preapproved

Automotive Insurance

Automotive Insurance is one that seems to go overlooked by many low-income families.

In many cases full coverage insurance rates seem to be too high for lower class families but single coverage is doable.

The last thing that you need in an automotive accident is being liable not only for your own vehicle but for both parties.

Full coverage insurance takes care of you, your car and the car of the person involved in the accident even if you are at fault.

Many years ago I knew a friend who got into an accident and was hit at an intersection buy a van full of illegal Mexicans.

The cops ended up letting them walk free and there was no insurance to cover my friend’s vehicle because they had never purchased it.

This accident left them in a really hard position because the Mexicans did not have insurance either.

You never know when you’re going to be involved in an automotive accident that’s why it is key to have Affordable Automotive Insurance.

Affordable Insurance Preapproved
Affordable Insurance Preapproved


The price you pay per month for all three of these insurances is well worth it in the end.

If you get into a car accident, need medical surgery or perhaps a loved one dies; the money invested into your insurance will be well worth it in the end.

One surgery could cost more than a lifetime of monthly insurance payments.

The same goes with buying a new car and being liable if you are at fault or planning funeral arrangements.

I hope that this article has helped you see that these three insurances are very important and well worth the investment not only for your well-being but for the well-being of those around you and your family.

Finding affordable insurance where you are pre-approved is a lot easier than you may think.

There are many companies that are willing to work with you on monthly payments to make sure that you and your family feel safe and secure with the perfect insurance for your life.